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NOTES: Punter Pat O'Donnell suffered a right knee injury against Seattle and didn't practice Wednesday. It's possible the Bears would pick up another punter later in the week. ... Left tackle Jermon Bushrod suffered a concussion and shoulder injury against Seattle and did not practice Wednesday. ... Besides the suspension, Ratliff is recovering from an ankle injury.
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"Right from the start he believed he belonged and he believed he could beat guys playing in the National Football League," Garrett said. "He was confident enough to beat them, beat them physically, beat them with his know-how, beat them with his awareness. Any surprises about him were three years ago."
Now, the Eagles are 0-2, and the Cowboys, without Tony Romo and <a href=>Wholesale Jerseys Cheap</a> Dez Bryant, are <a href=>Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> 2-0.
JASTREMSKI: "Still nervous; so far so good though"
With his familiar No. 50 stretched across his broad shoulders, Justin Houston has wasted no time in terrorizing quarterbacks again 锟?even if <a href=>Wholesale China Jerseys</a> they happened to be his own teammates. While the Chiefs worked out in only shells during the first couple of days, and hitting the QB is always taboo this time of year, more than once Houston could have easily leveled the boom.

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Second Place 锟?Gainesville Sun, to <a href=>Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> Anthony Clark, for "Anthony Clark collection"
She said she has done five to six Seahawks tattoos in the past year after doing only one or two previously.
"We're in no hurry to get that decision from Justin," Baalke said. "It doesn't make a difference going into the draft room."
Despite all the attention, Beckham leads the Giants with 24 catches for 307 yard and two touchdowns.
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"Sure," Farmer said, joking about the possibility. "Why not?"
MANKATO, Minn. (AP) 锟?Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer's father is ailing.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) 锟?The Jacksonville Jaguars will be without running back T.J. Yeldon against Houston on Sunday.
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RENTON, Wash. (AP) 锟?Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor played <a href=>Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> in the Super Bowl with a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee, according to the team's website.

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Brock was an exclusive rights free agent after playing in 14 regular-season games and a 26-10 playoff loss at Indianapolis. He had six catches for 28 yards and was used as an extra blocker in the run game.
"I've been fortunate to play 15 years and it's a privilege to play for this team," he said. "Mr. Kraft, Jonathan (son of Robert Kraft), they're family to me and I'd love to go out and play my tail off and play as best <a href=>CHeap NFL Jerseys China</a> as I possibly can and <a href=>NFL Jerseys China</a> try to go win a Super <a href=>Cheap Jerseys Wholesale</a> Bowl for him."
Williams also suffered a concussion on Oct. 12 last season against Pittsburgh and in the Dec. 28 finale at Baltimore.
Once a men's-only world, the NFL entered a new era Saturday night, when Welter became the first woman to coach an NFL <a href=>NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> game and Sarah Thomas became the first woman to work as a full-time on-field official.
After the brouhaha over deflated footballs, Belichick channeled his disdain for Roger Goodell <a href=>Wholesale China Jerseys</a> onto <a href=>Jerseys NFL Wholesale China</a> the other 31 teams, who have the misfortune of standing in as the commissioner's proxies each week.
"Dumbest play <a href=>NFL Jerseys China</a> call in <a href=>Wholesale Jerseys</a> the HISTORY of NFL football," <a href=>NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> tweeted former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark, who made a pretty good grab himself: The Catch.

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